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Energy Management System

BRINE offers SCADA EMS system built on MESA ESS architecture for seamless integration, empowering BESS to deliver essential services efficiently.



BRINE integrates Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and Renewable Energy systems via our Energy Management System (EMS) providing efficient and sustainable energy solutions.


Project Development

BRINE offers expert project development services for energy systems, and on the nexus of energy and water. Specializing in various industries, we deliver innovative solutions to promote environmental sustainability and resilience.


Grid Support Services

Dynamic Containment Services

Frequency response

Voltage Regulation (AVR)

Power Factor

Reactive Power Regulation

Renewables Integration

Ramp rate control

Peak shaving

Bulk Power Management

PPC - Power Plant Control

Specific Services

T&D Deferral and Arbitrage



DC Coupled ESS

Integration of DC PCS with existing and new Solar Plants


We are also integrators

BRINE specializes in integrating various elements of energy storage projects. We combine Power Conversion Systems (PCS), DC battery blocks, Balance of Plant (BoP), HV Transformer Stations, and an Energy Management System (EMS) for seamless operation. Additionally, we incorporate Power Plant Controllers (PPC) for solar and wind plants. Our comprehensive approach ensures efficient and reliable energy storage solutions tailored to meet specific project needs.

Project Development

BRINE offers tailored Sustainable Integrated Water and Energy solutions, emphasizing the critical nexus between water and energy. We leverage renewable energy and innovative energy storage technologies to drive desalination plants, pump water from boreholes, and capture water from rivers. Our solutions cater to diverse sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and heavy industries, addressing their water needs efficiently. Additionally, our community-centric approach ensures accessible and reliable water resources for local populations. By integrating renewable energy sources, we minimize environmental impact while maximizing efficiency and sustainability. BRINE's comprehensive approach not only meets immediate water and energy demands but also fosters long-term resilience and resource management.

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