About Us

Our Vision

The complexity of the challenges we face in the 21st Century are daunting. Feeding a growing population whilst striving to use less land, ensuring reliable access to clean water despite an increasingly unpredictable climate and meeting the energy demands of an increasingly plugged-in world at the same time as decarbonising the entire power industry.

At Brine Engineering Solutions, we believe this web of interconnected challenges and opportunities spanning the three fundamental keys to existence of food, water and energy, can only be solved for the good of society with a holistic, project specific approach. Brine believes strongly in tackling the world’s challenges at a local level, with locally-driven solutions. Brine seeks not to impose, but to work with communities to ensure the benefits of a Brine solution are felt first and foremost by the community in question.

At Brine we share a vison of a bright future, where poverty is eradicated, communities are prospering, local heritage is secure and the world is sustainable, working harmoniously with the natural world. We believe with current technologies and the our values, it is possible to create this world we envisage.


Our Values

  • A Local Focus - Local solutions for local challenges. Ensuring the community in greatest need receives the lions share of the benefits and is part of the solution.

  • Complete Integrity – No matter who we work or engage with, Brine will treat all with the necessary respect. We are proud of our moral principles and we will stick to them.

  • Ambition and Drive – Striving not to write-off challenges as too difficult or unfeasible but innovating wherever necessary to deliver a solution that meets our high ESG standards.

  • Keen Curiosity – Whether searching for the latest that technology has to offer, or working with the most remote and isolated communities, our approach is that there is always something to learn.


Our Company

Brine Engineering Solutions is an engineering consulting and project development firm, founded in the UK in 2014. We specialise in projects that can promote regional economic growth and prosperity. Our engineering models are based on using renewable energy as a resource and foundation with which to open opportunities for solving challenges, whether that be securing a water supply, modernising agro-industries or support local industries.

Financing integrated projects like ours requires a bespoke set of arrangements with lenders and investors. Therefore, we have developed a specialism in Project Finance and investment promotion to turn our concepts and solutions into reality, delivering them in a manner that ensures returns for both the region and the project investors.

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Environmental, Social and Governance

Embedding ESG in our Projects

To deliver our vision, it is simply not possible to rely on sustainable engineering alone. A prosperous world is made of empowered families and communities. Therefore, we must bring key ESG drivers and good practice to the heart of our projects, embedded into our engineering models and business to ensure we contribute to the local and regional communities, throughout the project lifecycle.

By fully integrating environmental, social and governance assessment into the project development process we can add real and tangible value into the project and region, essential for the successful completion of the project.

Considering ESG throughout our projects also demonstrates the values we share with all stakeholders, that our aim is to not only ensure a positive financial return but also social empowerment and environmental sustainability, resulting in a more resilient, de-risked infrastructure project.